How much does a car aircon cost in South Africa? With South African high temperatures and at times, high humidity, having a car aircon can cause great discomfort when driving your vehicle. If your car’s air conditioning is all of a sudden not getting cold, it may not necessarily mean you need a major car aircon repair and installation.

Car Aircon Cost Breakdown

Car Aircon Regas Cost

A car regas is a car air conditioner service where the expert technician restores the correct level of refrigerant gas in the sealed air conditioner system. An air conditioner technician can quickly determine if your car needs an aircon regas. During the car aircon regas, the expert technician will perform a full air-con system check to ensure all parts are functioning well. The technician will replace faulty parts and repair any leaks before the car is regassed.

You can regas your car aircon from as little as R400 – 600.

Car Aircon Minor and Major Repair Cost

Your car aircon repair cost will be lower if limited to a specific item such as a leaking hose or a clogged air filter. If more complicated, the cost of labour and parts become significant. An older vehicle may cost more to repair due to the cost of rare parts. A bigger vehicle or more complicated engine may require more hours of labour.

  • Aircon Minor Repair cost can start from R800 – 1500
  • Aircon Major Repair cost can start from R1500 – 13000

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