Bosch Car Service Center Booking in Berea Durban: Bosch Car Service centers service all vehicle makes and models following a series of maintenance procedures carried out at set intervals.

What Services are done in Bosch Berea Durban

Services include:

  • a diagnostic scan that pinpoints any underlying issues.
  • replacement of engine oils,
  • air and oil filters,
  • the adjustment of your car’s handbrake
  • extensive range of safety checks to ensure the excellent running of your vehicle.

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Minor and Major

Bosch Car Service offers both minor and major services for all vehicle makes and models – petrol and diesel. We also have a 12-month warranty on genuine Bosch parts and a 6-month, 10 000km guarantee on our workmanship.

Book a car service with Bosch Car Service Center in Berea Durban

Go to the website to book for your car service:

Or Call: 0800 029 999

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