Best brake Pads Brands to buy in South Africa: Brake pads are one of the most essential part of the disc braking system. Every car should be able to stop emmediately when the drive wants it to stop. Stopping the car will start from the moment the driver feet presses the brake pedal, the brake pads apply friction against the disc brake.  

Car Brake Pads Brands available to buy in South Africa

  • EBC Range of Car Brake Pads

EBC has an extensive range of car brake pads to suit any style of driving and any make of vehicle…review

  • Ferodo Brake Pads

Ferodo is the most popular and reliable car brake brand…review

  • Alfa Brake Pads

Founded in 1964 and based in Springs, Gauteng, Alfa is the leading independent local supplier of brake drums and discs for all types of vehicles. Alfa supplies South Africa’s road transport industry with a full range of high quality brake drums and discs for trucks, buses and trailers, light commercial and passenger vehicles, plus a selection of hubs for the most popular automotive sector vehicles….review

  • Allied Nippon Brake Pads

Allied Nippon’s brake pads meet strict requirements with minimum fade, noise speed sensitivity and have exceptionally low wear characteristics with proven performance recorded on brake dynamometer and actual vehicles on test tracks…review

  • Ate Brake Pads

No more dust:  Ceramic brake pads produce an absolute minimum of brake dust. The rims no longer need to be painstakingly cleaned and their value is permanently retained….review